A Koushien-esque Cross Game Blogging Ambition Once Forgotten

I once thought of doing an episodic-blogging (or multiple-episode-coverage per post) for Cross Game, because it’d a waste if I don’t. As I’ve noticed, when I’m not writing about what I’m watching (or if I’m not compelled to write about what I am watching), I’m simply, well, watching. Passively. Just like how it was before. In turn, my appreciation for the anime and the luster of my animu-loving Kokoro no Tamago, weakens.

Blogging makes me feel more alive; Simply having the URGE to write is enough proof that I still have that PASSION burning within me, and I find that really comforting. It’s like, wow, I’m still able to nurture the Natural Child ego within me, I’m not as jaded as I thought!

“I want to capture the awesome moments of Cross Game!”, I once told myself, especially after episode 5 — but then where is that dream now? Gone with the wind?

Jiji– I mean Coach Maeno, the coach of the Prefab baseball team (aka the “rejects”) of Seishuu High makes me want to relive that ambition again. He might not seem like it, but he’s one GAR grandpa. Things are heating up in Cross Game, if seeing Coach Maeno all FIRED UP to beat the elite baseball team isn’t enough (I’m totally pretending I still haven’t seen episode 16-17 here). For years, he held onto his love for baseball, and while that allowed him to gain extensive knowledge about the game, his lack of competitiveness made him passive throughout the years — dreaming of Koushien while not really being into winning. Now things are different; with his position and the kids’ Koushien dream at stake, he couldn’t afford to just sit around and do nothing. If there’s any better time to kick the asshole infamous results-obsessed elite coach’s ass, it is NOW.

Thanks to Kou, Akaishi and Nakanishi, together with the rest of the team, he found himself the golden opportunity to not only dream of Koushien, but finally make it come true — on the way to that Road to Glory.

When you’re burning with PASSIONATE LOVE for something, you’d find yourself discontent with being lazy. For anime fans, it’s the “Simply watching is not good enough!” or “I have to watch MOAR” kind of mindset — either we indulge in an amassing behavior or expressive one. You feel as if you want to pimp what you’ve watched to the whole world as you want people to know that THIS IS F*CKING AWESOME!! Someone has to draw the line between Healthy Passion and Delusional Fanaticism, of course. But I digress.

One thing I realize is that when I don’t set my mind into blogging a series, I find myself being a casual and semi-apathetic viewer, and I hate it when I do that, especially for something as awesome as Cross Game. And by “setting my mind into blogging a series” I don’t mean it like “simply watching for the sake of blogging”, but rather wanting to be moved or entertained enough by what I’m watching (and keeping my FOCUS on it) so that I will be compelled to write about its AWESOMENESS later on.

Rewatching the past episodes of Cross Game and rereading this post of mine made me go “I want to write MOAR of this! Not this!” So yeah, right now I really want to WRITE MOAR about Cross Game, and let’s hope I’ll have enough creative juices to produce blog posts. As much as I don’t wanna miss out on the new season’s offerings, I wouldn’t want to spread myself too thinly by watching a lot and ending up just watching them and nothing else. Awesome shows like Cross Game deserve all the attention they can get.

I’d want to look back years after and pride myself on being an anime fan who didn’t just watch anime, but became a Productive Individual in the process even though I sacrifice some work time to slack off and write blog posts like this instead of focusing on my work :P

P.S. I really want to watch Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 right now because I’m pretty positive it’s the kind of show that’ll make me chatty and blabber a lot. But man, I can only do so much as to want to GIVE LOVE to them great animus TT__TT

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